1 strong sample of a Custom Mural

Custom mural done on anagram.cards app and composed with aNa artist’s numeric bricks

Anagram Custom Mural is an aNa artist and anaystof LLC application that helps you to create Artworks composed with words remotely

Anagram is a numeric remote activity to create words



How to Customize a Mural using Anagram

Anagram is designed by aNa artist

aNa artist Creates a whole collection of numeric bricks to allow you to build your own custom numeric mural.

She is a professional artist working since 1998. Ana’s purpose is to include people into her artistic world. She set up programs to make you able to feel like an artist. She first wants you to create with her. But she wish you could do by yourself.

Anaystof is a dedicated custom numeric fresco crew

So she and her crew, work day after day, to code digital tools. anagram is the most famous one. Because you can do it totally by yourself. And you can invite your guys to be part of the game.

How does that numeric custom fresco work?

This is really easy!

Ana already set up everything for you. You juste have to follow the guide lines.

Our numeric mural app guide lines

You can choose different offers. Each one gives you instant access to even more models already pre-loaded into your gallery.

  • The letters’s gallery
  • A numbers’ gallery
  • Some models gallery

It is possible to order a one model gallery. Or you can choose several.

You may want to sign for the full access with everything we have for you there. So you decide if you want it once for a month, for a special event for exemple.

Or you can sign for a yearly plan and play with friends and teammates all year long.

Numeric brick you can color and customize online with anagram.cards

2 _ Color your elements

First color every éléments you will need to compose your final numeric artwork. As soon as your done with one, you press on « add to gallery » button.

So you will have on the first time, to give a name to your personal gallery.

Then, after that, each time you press the « add to gallery » button, you please enter that name code.

That way, every design you produce goes directly into your own private gallery.

3 _ Compose your Custom Mural

When you did customize all elements you wanted, you have to reach the personal gallery. You would find all bricks you dropped.

On top of that gallery, press on the yellow « CANVAS » button.

It brings you into a grid with all your models set by side.

3 _ Set up your own grid

First set up properly your own square grid. You can choose to add rowes.

4 _ Drag and drop your tiles

Finally, you can compose your mural! Just drag and drop every elements one by one from the side* gallery. (*Or top gallery on smartphone)

You can remove, delete and even rotate every bricks.


Custom mural done on anagram.cards app and composed with aNa artist’s numeric bricks

More about anaystof LLC

Anaystof LLC is a US company own by aNa artist and Chris.

Chris is aNa’s husband. They are working all together since 1998.

Their career started back in 1998, by doing portraits, caricatures and silhouettes in Disney resort’s parks.

Back in France, they set up ANAYSTOF France to develop ART services for business and entertainment.

During COVID, they turned anaystof’s business into a digital solution. With a team of coders, they transformed all skills and experiences to create new numeric features everybody can use remotely or during in venue events.

Anagram is the most desirable app they build. Because you can create a real artwork by yourself. But you even can write down and share your own message with letters and numbers.

Pop Art is a cool fun digital game. You play to customize people’s portrait as a real Pop Art Artiste. The best value of that offer is you HAVE to share it on screen. This is so cool to invite dozens or hundreds of people to play all together and to display on air the same global digital gallery.

And last but not least, digital mural is aNa’s proper offer. This i a real ART app. You can work with her for real. But you do it remotely. This is a world class new way of investing on ART.

Plus as I am wringing down that words, Ana’s crew is still working on new app to make everything possible.

Real Estate ART

Art Engineer

1 free mind world wide numeric Street Art Gallery

Street art gallery composed remotely on anagram.cards

Anagram’s street art gallery is a virtual remote gallery to share your digital artwork by using art bricks and inviting people to collaborate.

Remote Anagram’s Numeric street art gallery


Street art is a particular type of art we only can find in the streets. We are talking about murals on buildings, paintings on trains, drawings on the floor,…

Ana artist’s Anagram puzzle Done remotely on anagram.cards

Anagram brings you two more things :

  • Street art is now right into your phone. Meaning you can create street art on your personal device when traveling, walking, hanging out, chilling out,…
  • You can be part of it. Ana artist shares with you a brand new way to create a street artwork. You do not need any tool or skills. Just using our app, you will be able to create artworks. Then you do not show the world on a wall located in a particular address or a train travelling very fast. Instead, use your favorites socials to be able to reach a world wide audience.

Your Anagarm’s numeric street art gallery is the space you rent to save you work all together. The virtual location you invite people from all around the world to see and appreciate as talented you are.

Anagram is a powerful numeric art tool working on everydays’ purposes:

  • Computer
  • Tablette
  • Smartphone

So you can create by yourself or organise dedicated session as a teacher or a professor with students, a parent with family, a friend with your folks, and a manager with your team.

Numeric street art canvas done with digital puzzle bricks from aNa artist

Create engaged artworks remotely with no help needed by using aNa artist’s art bricks.

Ana artist’s numeric puzzle bricks

Most important to figure out is aNa artist already created special design AND letters or numbers families. Every bricks she did can be plugged all together. Plus, you can rotate your bricks because every sides fit with others. You can even building something by only using one unique model of art bricks.

Your personal words’ mosaic

As you can work with letters, you are able compose words. So you can hide or show a special topic or message. As cool as your brand, your base line, a wish, your lover or mum’s nick name,… Their is absolutely no limits.

Mosaic gallery Created online with anagram.cards Using aNa artist’s art bricks

Invite your crew to collaborate with you

During on venue events and entertainments

The same as you did by yourself, you can even imagine to create with others. It can take place during an event, a meeting, when having a drink,… You all work on the same device one after one.

Or you choose the best way to do it, and work each one on your proper device. In that case, everybody drop his creation into a global collaborative street art gallery.

This is the best way to compose a collaborative street art work. It could be a real remote street art festival

Remotely with world wide or nomad teammates or family

Imagine. If you did It with others working on their own phones. Why don’t you create a remote crew; You can set up a local, national, or even world wide interactive activity.

You all can work together in the same time. Or under an event on demand. The minimum gallery timing is a 30 days pack.

Anagram’s street art gallery is a numeric artwork you create online by yourself or with people online

Why is it a free mind protocole?

Remember important details about anagram:

  • aNa already created models and Letters/Numbers designs.
  • All bricks are square shapes
  • So you can plug everyone together
  • With the rotate fonction, you can even plug each side together
  • Our app includes everything you need to color, drop and compose the final artwork
  • Final artwork is also a square shape piece that fit perfectly on powerful socials

Means you have nothing to bring by yourself. Anagram provide everything for you. And you use it under every devices (computer at work, tablette on the couch, phone when moving)

Street art gallery composed remotely on anagram.cards

Virtual Event Setting

anagram Virtual Event Setting aNa artist Signature design

Virtual Event Setting – Make a special short art bricks’ list to set up your personal numeric on venue or remote event or meeting – Custom Graphic Event Service.

Virtual Event Setting

How To set up an Anagram’s event?

Choose every aNa artist’s Design elements, numbers or letters you want to use to compose your message.

Do NOT share every informations and models with your Friends and Teammate at the First meeting.

Raise the Level Gradually.

We will be able with that Custom Selection, to set up your dedicated Personal Event Gallery into your Event Room.

So you can organise several sessions with same people and raise the Level Gradually.


Drawing Tool

Drawing Tool Gallery

Drawing Tool Gallery – Virtual Showroom – Sample of Gallery you can use to create your own message. We set it up for You before your event.

Drawing Tool

Discover Every aNa artist’s Design elements, numbers or letters you can use to compose a CUSTOM MURAL message with Friends, Family, Teammates,…

1 – Click on [Drawing Canvas – Click Here] Button Below

2 – A whole Gallery appear

3 – Select an element by Clicking on it

4 – It does appear in a [Paint] Pop’up Frame

5 – You can customize aNa’s artist Element with [Paint] tools as simply as using Brushes and Bucket to add colors

6 – When you done, Save and Share your creation by pressing [Post Comment] Button.