Anagram mosaic.

aNagram is designed by aNa artist. Her Art creation provides you materials and ideas for on-venue or remote mosaics as decoration or event activity.

what is an anagram done with aNa’s design?

Anagram represents a unique and creative art brand founded by the talented artist, aNa.

This company provides materials and ideas for creating beautiful Art mosaics that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as home decoration, event activities, and more.

Whether you are looking to create a stunning display for an event or simply looking to add a touch of beauty to your home, Anagram has you covered.

Anagram maker

Ana designs to provide a wide range of materials and ideas that can be used to create beautiful mosaics.

anagram Graphic game and artistic team building

This includes a variety of materials such as tiles, glass pieces, and more, all of which are carefully selected to ensure that they are of the highest quality. The materials provided by Anagram are perfect for both on-venue and remote mosaics, making it possible to create stunning displays no matter where you are located.

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A very unique Style

The aNa’s ideas are inspired by her passion for art and creativity. With her artistic eye and unique perspective, aNa is able to create beautiful and original designs that are sure to capture the imagination of anyone who sees them.

Ana shares with you her secret design detail

Anagram aNa’s Tiles look so cool. But they also:

  • Connect perfectly each other. You can imagine every kind of creation by yourself or with teammates, family or friends.
  • Can rotate. So you can use one exclusive model and turn it in every ways when connected to each others. Or you obtain hundreds or thousands of combinaisons to play with.
  • Can be completed step by step or time after time. You have no rush at all and can complet your global creation all year long.
  • Exist for on-venue purposes as PVC or acrylic tiles. And the same can be printed after a remote activity organized online with anagram’s app*.

Anagram mosaic

Whether you are looking for a bold and striking design or something more subtle and elegant, Anagram has the ideas and inspiration you need to create a truly stunning mosaic.

Anagram global services

In addition to the materials and ideas provided by us, the brand also offers a variety of services that can help you to create the perfect mosaic for your needs.

For example, aNa offers design consulting services that can help you to choose the right materials and design for your project. This is especially useful if you are new to mosaic-making or if you simply need a little bit of guidance in order to get started.


* app is a brand new way to imagine entertainment and design. This application is an artistic game. It makes you able to create and compose real world class numeric mural and canvas we can print for you. You can invite people to share this creative activity remotely. Or you can play together on phone, tablette or computer.

You will found tons of different features from aNa artist as cool as:

  • Design tiles to imagine scenes
  • Brick letters to compose words or base lines
  • Tile numbers to save or celebrate dates or ages

Celebrating Remotely 1 very special event

Celebrating Remotely or on-venue : Birthday, Wedding, Baby Shower, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentin’s day…


Anagram’s mosaic tiles, which are composed of letters, numbers, characters, and elements, offer a unique and creative way to celebrate a variety of special events both on-venue and remotely. Here are some ways to use Anagram’s mosaic tiles to celebrate special events:

Celebrating remotely With anagram Cards

Long distance Celebration your own or someone else Birthday

Birthday – Create a custom mosaic birthday card or wall hanging using the letters of the birthday person’s name. You can also use the tiles to create a unique and personal birthday decoration for an in-person celebration or use them to create a virtual background for a remote birthday party.

Wedding on-venue or remote entertainment

Wedding – Use Anagram’s mosaic tiles to create custom wedding invitations by spelling out the names of the bride and groom. You can also use the tiles to create place cards, table numbers, and other wedding decorations for an in-person celebration. If you are unable to celebrate in person, use the tiles to create a virtual wedding invitation or as decorations for your virtual wedding background.

Baby Shower very cool interactive activity

Baby Shower – Create a unique and personal baby shower decoration using Anagram’s mosaic tiles. Use the tiles to spell out the baby’s name or create a custom message, such as “Baby’s First Christmas.” This can be used as a decoration for an in-person celebration or sent as a virtual baby shower decoration for a remote celebration.

Christmas collective home staging

Christmas – Use Anagram’s mosaic tiles to create custom Christmas decorations, such as a mosaic wreath spelling out “Merry Christmas” or ornaments with the letters of each family member’s name. These decorations can be used for an in-person celebration or sent as gifts to friends and family for a remote celebration.

Thanksgiving Remote Celebrating or preparing

Thanksgiving – Create a custom mosaic turkey centerpiece for your Thanksgiving dinner using Anagram’s tiles. You can also use the tiles to create place cards or custom decorations for an in-person celebration or virtual background for a remote celebration.

LOVE celebrating remotely during Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day – Use Anagram’s mosaic tiles to create a custom mosaic valentine for your significant other. Choose their favorite colors and create a unique design that reflects your love and appreciation for them, such as spelling out “I Love You” or “Happy Valentine’s Day.” This can be used as a decoration for an in-person celebration or sent as a virtual valentine for a remote celebration.

In conclusion, Anagram’s mosaic tiles, composed of letters, numbers, characters, and elements, offer a fun and creative way to celebrate special events, whether they are in-person or remote. The tiles can be used to create custom decorations, gifts, and even virtual backgrounds, adding a personal and unique touch to your celebrations.

Anagram Remote celebration activity

Need a Corporate Remote Celebration idea?

Remote team birthday celebration

Celebrating a remote team birthday can be a challenge, but Ana Artist’s Anagram Mosaic program offers a fun and creative solution. The program allows you to create unique mosaics using letters, numbers, and elements that you can rotate and arrange in any way you like.


Here’s how you can use the Anagram Mosaic program to celebrate a remote team birthday:

  1. Invite each team member to create a mosaic using the program. Encourage them to get creative and use the letters, numbers, and elements in a way that represents their personality or interests.
  2. Once everyone has created their mosaic, share them with the rest of the team. This can be done through a virtual meeting platform or by sending an email or message.
  3. Hold a virtual birthday celebration where the team can admire each other’s mosaics and have some fun. This could include games, trivia, and birthday-themed activities.
  4. As a special touch, you could create a large mosaic using all of the team members’ individual mosaics to create a bigger picture that represents the team.
  5. Finally, don’t forget to take photos and share them with the team for a keepsake of the celebration.

By using Ana Artist’s Anagram Mosaic program, you can create a fun and unique remote team birthday celebration that showcases the team’s creativity and bond.

More Remote team birthday celebration and activity ideas

Got to

1 unique app to Celebrate Love with Creativity

How you should now Celebrate Love with Creativity: Ana Artist’s Anagram Mosaic App free remote event for a Unique Valentine’s Day Celebration.

Celebrate Love with Creativity With aNa artist‘S anagram LOVE digital event

PLAY now

Anagram’s LOVE creative thinking digital event

Celebrate LOVE with Creativity thanks to aNa artist’s Anagram Mosaic App.

Ana Artist’s Anagram Mosaic app is a unique and creative way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and every other very special moments that life offers. 

Celebrate Love with aNa artist’s Creative anagram free app remote event

One of the new ways to celebrate Valentines Day

The app allows families, people or couples to create a personal and artistic version of the #LOVE tag or word, showcasing their creativity and love for each other.  This is one of the easiest brand new creative ways to celebrate Valentines.

Anagram FULL vs Special event

With anagram.card full version, users can choose from a variety of letters, numbers, characters, and elements to create their perfect mosaic design.

In this particular « Celebrate Love with Creativity » event, aNa chooses to only provide four letters to focus on LOVE and talk about Valentine’s. Users can feel free to color one specific letter, or the four of them.

Celebrate Love with Creativity bold colors LOVE Gallery

Valentines day ideas for families 

So you can play together as a couple, a family or a crew. Or just be part of it as a single to collaborate with aNa remotely.

Each creation is added to a global virtual LOVE gallery, creating an infinite digital remote artwork that celebrates love from all over the world. The virtual gallery is accessible to anyone, allowing people to admire the love and creativity of others, as well as their own personal creations.

That gallery also can be displayed on screen thanks to the auto-refresh and responsive fonctions.

Not only is the Anagram Mosaic app a fun and creative way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but it also offers an alternative to traditional gifts and activities. 

Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or just looking for a fun and unique way to express your love, Ana Artist’s Anagram Mosaic app is the perfect digital entertainment option for Valentine’s Day.

Celebrate Love with Creativity Anagram’s virtual gallery

In conclusion,

Ana Artist’s Anagram Mosaic app is a fun, creative, and unique way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re creating your own personal mosaic or admiring the creations of others, the app offers a digital experience that celebrates love and creativity in a global virtual gallery.

1 innovating solution for Digital Home Staging

Digital Home Staging made easy with Ana Artist’s Anagram Mosaic program.

Digital home staging easy with anagram

Digital for Home staging scenario

Create personalized mosaic art pieces from letters, numbers, and elements to showcase your property or celebrate your special moments with style. #DigitalHomeStaging #AnagramMosaic #CreativeEntertainment

Digital Home Staging +

Virtual home staging creation App

The use of Ana Artist’s Anagram Mosaic program in a home staging scenario can be considered as a form of digital home staging. With more and more home buyers starting their search online, it’s becoming increasingly important for home sellers to present their property in the best light possible, and this includes showcasing the visual elements of the home.

By using the Anagram Mosaic program, you can create digital mosaics that highlight the key features of the property and help to create an emotional connection with potential buyers. This can be especially useful in a remote or virtual home showing scenario, where buyers are unable to physically visit the property.


In this way, using the Anagram Mosaic program can be considered as a form of digital home staging, as it allows you to present the property in a visually appealing and unique way, even in a remote setting.

Home staging online digital tool

Ana Artist’s Anagram Mosaic program can be a great tool for home staging. Here’s how:

Create a focal point:

The program’s ability to create unique and eye-catching mosaics can be used to create a stunning focal point in a room. This could be a statement wall, a piece of furniture, or an accent piece. The mosaic can serve as a conversation starter and help to draw attention to specific areas of the room.

Personalize the space:

By using the program to create a custom mosaic, you can add a personal touch to the space that reflects the homeowners’ taste and style. This can help to make the space feel more like home and increase the buyer’s emotional connection to the property.

Highlight key features:

If a room has unique architectural features or a specific design style, the program can be used to create a mosaic that highlights these features. This can help to draw attention to the room’s strengths and make them more prominent.

Create a themed space:

The program can be used to create a mosaic that follows a specific theme, such as nature, abstract art, or a particular color scheme. This can help to tie a room together and create a cohesive look that appeals to potential buyers.

Show off creativity:

By using Ana Artist’s Anagram Mosaic program, you can showcase your creativity and design skills. This can help to make the property stand out from other listings and appeal to buyers who are looking for a home that is not just functional, but also visually appealing.

In conclusion, Ana Artist’s Anagram Mosaic program can be a great tool for home staging, as it allows you to create unique and eye-catching designs that can personalize the space, highlight key features, and showcase your creativity.