Virtual Event Setting

Virtual Event Setting – Make a Special Short Elements List to set up your Personal Digital Remote Event or Meeting – Custom Graphic Event Service.

Virtual Event Setting

How To set up a Gallery – Choose every aNa artist’s Design elements, numbers or letters you want to use to compose your message.

Do NOT share every informations and models with your Friends and Teammate at the First meeting.

Raise the Level Gradually.

1 – Contact Leyla to First Set up your Personal Virtual Event Room [CONTACT]

2 – Then, Get a Dedicated Link to Connect

3 – On Your Personal Page, Click on [Drawing Canvas – Click Here] Button All Below

3 – A whole Gallery appear

4 – Click on your first needed Element to select

5 – Selected Design Shows up in a Pop’up [Paint] Frame

6 – Please have Fun By Coloring and Customizing your Model

7 – Shut Down [paint] Window to get back to the page, by using the first Right Button

8 – Press [Post Comment] Button on this page to share your design as a comment in the Gallery

9 – Your First Selected Design or Element is Now recorded on the Comment Section. So we can know what you want.

10 – Please do the same again for every Design you will need during your event. Only one’s by model.

We will be able with that Custom Selection, to set up your dedicated Personal Event Gallery into your Event Room.

So you can organise several sessions with same people and raise the Level Gradually.


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